No se debe de dejar de hacer - O GROVE


Another way to get into the waters of Arousa is crisscrossing aboard one of the catamarans or ride with boats docking at the pier of O Grove.

small coves

Little nooks scattered throughout the city, to enjoy the tranquility and escape from the crowds. These coves offer us the best of the waters of the estuary along with the advantages of being in a more secluded environment.


The beaches of A Lanzada, Area da Cruz Raeiros and, among others, offer the possibility of internarte into the unknown world of algae.

Immerse yourself in them and take advantage of its benefits. These shores algae absorb the best elements of the ocean to pamper your skin. They are able to concentrate minerals, vitamins, trace elements and dissolved in seawater proteins. They contain lots of minerals and are rich in iodine, iron, cobalt, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. They are useful for the treatment of colds, stomach disorders, ulcers, cures skin rejuvenation, obesity and cellulite.

Nautical sports

The possibility to practice all water sports is another salientables attractions of O Grove. Surfing, windsurfing or kytesurf in the sand of A Lanzada.

Sailing, jet boating or rowing on the beaches and coves on the north side of the peninsula. Diving into the unknown seabed of O Grove.