Pescanatur - O GROVE

With Pescanatur you have the opportunity to accompany a sailor or mariscadora in their actual workday. Come fishing with us! Check out our routes.

Pescanatur is a fishing and sailor new tourism project, whose corporate purpose is to focus on the world of fishing and shellfishing, and maintain deep-rooted seafaring culture.  


Enrolaremos a new crew in one of our traditional fishing boats, like a sailor more, sharing with the crew in a real working hours, living in first person as Calan and hoist fishing gear. The pattern itself will teach you how it unfolds in the sea which parts of the ship, sailing courses and maneuvers, fishing gear, legends ... This route is complemented by a natural and cultural tour along the river as well as a visit to the Lonja Contracting accompanied by the pattern itself, where you can see as you arrive the fish and seafood captured throughout the day, how it is weighed and labeled, and as prepared to be auctioned later and attend the auction. Become a real sea wolf!


Route on board vessels engaged in harvesting of bivalve in which visitors enrolaremos Pescanatur to live in first person a day's work. The skipper explained the whole way different topics related to this art, supplemented with cultural and natural tour of the estuary and the Contractual Marketplace, where you can see how selected, sieve, weigh, label and is preparing to auction later knowing first-person auction of bivalve collected. We will make them feel part of eachother!

3. ROUTES shellfishing on foot.

HIKING ACROSS the sandbanks do Grove, where our mariscadoras work daily, being themselves the exercising of guides explaining what his time explaining the different types of bivalves are collected daily in the various holes that they leave on the beaches, complemented with a visit to the Contractual Marketplace where you can see how selected, weigh, label and catches to be auctioned later prepared. Become mariscador / a for a day!

4. gastronomic route.

It is to try the traditional seafood recipes of the area in one of the partner restaurants, guaranteed to be genuine products of our estuaries. Therefore, "the best way to close a perfect day sea" is relishing the MENU Pescanatur based seafood. The best way to close a perfect day sea!


Fishermen's Association "San Martin" do Grove Praza do Corgo 2 36980 O Grove.

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