Playa A Lanzada - O GROVE

One of the pioneers Blue Flag beaches look of the Clean Seas of Europe.

They are more than 2 km of sandy open sea and features a wooden boardwalk that allows us to oxygenate the body and enliven the spirit at any time of year.

It faces south and its sand is white and fine.


Located in the city of O Grove, La Lanzada is one of the most emblematic beaches and one of the best in the Galician coast. The quality of its sand and its waters together with its facilities allow you to meet since 1988 the various requirements that give the Blue Flag.


South orientation

Dimensions: 2700 m long and 40 m average width at high tide Type of surface: fine white rocks on both sides of the beach Arena.

It presents a dune protected area with abundant flora and fauna.

Features swimming area: Transparent waters and an average annual temperature of 12 ° C with waves range from 0.5 to 6 m. between calm days and bad weather. It has rip currents in the center of the beach area.

Weather in summer: The beach has an average ambient temperature of 24 ° C and is sheltered from the prevailing northerly winds recreation and sports: bodyboard, surfing, windsurfing, padelsurf, kite surfing, sport fishing, inflatable floating structures.

Did you know...?

Launched has the remains of a maritime fort dating from the s. VIII a.c. and a Roman necropolis located in the III d.c.

In the V century B.C., Punic and Phoenician made A Launched a major exchange points tin, gold and salting the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the tenth century, there was a castle, the remains of a tower are preserved, which was part of the defense against Arab invasions and Viking and at whose feet faced Urraca and Archbishop Gelmírez and part of the irmandiño choked.

The first written records of the Roman and medieval archaeological remains appear in the works of Frai Martin Sarmiento in the eighteenth century who assumed they were part of Lambriaca a lost city described by the geographer Pomponio Mela.

It has a Romanesque chapel where the last Saturday and Sunday of August the festival of Our Lady of the spear is held. In this celebration rite of "bath of the nine waves" where a woman with fertility problems bathe in the waters of the spear receiving the nine waves then hear a Mass in the chapel is made. Dominating the beach, Mount Siradella still keeps among its rocks a fig tree according to tradition served to hang D. Juan of Mecca. As in Fuenteovejuna, this gentleman saw how the people, motivated by a future husband, revenge took all their outrages.

A judge's question: Who killed the Meco ?, the people said: "We killed them all!". Since that day, Meco and Mecca are place names of the residents of O Grove.

environmental information

The Launched keeps one of the most representative and complete the Galician coast dune ecosystems.

Behind the beach, there is a vast succession of embryonic and moving dunes dotted with vegetation. To the west, a denser vegetation cover fixed dunes gives way to a depressed area where seasonal lagoons are located. Throughout this transition there is a significant number of plant species, including endemic Iberian and even regional.

From the beach dune rampant is also formed along the hillside Siradella due to the action of southwesterly winds. This mountain located north of the beach has the best viewpoints, must, from which spot the spear and the Ria de Arousa, several hiking trails and UNCentro Interpretation of Nature.

At the back of the beach and part of the "Complex Intermareal Umia-O Grove" is the cove of O Bao, an exceptional settlement for a large number of animals, mainly invertebrate species. Many curious, amateur and professional naturalists usually occupy its banks for their exceptional ornithological value, especially of wintering waterfowl. This wealth made this space was included in the Ramsar Convention in 1985 and as humida Zone of International Importance in 1989. Today, was also declared a Special Protection Area of ​​the European Union and part of the Network Natura 2000

Stresses in the effort to assess and disclose the ornithological wealth of nearby Lanzada, the project PIO


On the beach of La Launched a group of Lifeguards Graduates Aquatic Rescue and Lifesaving Land as part of the team of Civil Protection, in addition to volunteers, 3 positions relief 1 lookout post in the center, 2 watchtowers in side, and a rescue vessel.

The beach is buoyed 200 meters from the shore by the company Botamavi with two defined areas for carrying out water activities. All positions have cartelería self-protection and location of all services from the beach.

Characteristics of Beaches

  • Access Easy on foot
  • Sand Type Fina
  • Distancia a medios de transporte 100 m ( Intercity Pontevedra -O Grove)
  • Orientation sur
  • Dimensions 2.600 m.
  • Feature bathing area Aguas transparentes y una temperatura media anual de 12°C con rango de olas de 0.5 a 6 m. entre días de calma y mal tiempo. Tiene corrientes de resaca en la zona centro de la playa.
  • Summer weather The beach has an average ambient temperature of 24 ° C and is sheltered from the prevailing northerly winds
  • Recreation and sports bodyboard , surfing, windsurfing , padelsurf , kite surfing , sport fishing , inflatable floating structures .
  • Shower Yes
  • lifeguards Yes
  • Shadow zone No
  • easy parking Yes
  • Sheltered from winds No
  • blue flag Yes
  • Promenade Yes
  • Swimming conditions Ventosa
  • Vegetation si, detrás de la playa
  • protected area Yes
  • nearest medical facility Yes
  • Accessibility for disabled Yes
  • Danger warning Yes
  • Bus service Yes
  • washroom Yes
  • Litter bins Yes
  • Housekeeping Yes
  • Tourist office Yes
  • Phone Yes
  • Food establishments Yes
  • Drinking establishments Yes
  • Rental sunbeds Yes
  • Rental umbrellas Yes
  • Rental yachts Yes
  • yacht Club No
  • Diving area No
  • Area surfing Yes
  • Playground No
  • Sport's zone No
  • Occupancy Alto
  • nudist beach No